Acquia Cohesion renames to Site Studio from version 6.2. Tell me more.


    Site Studio v7.0 + v6.9.4 are compatible with PHP 8.1
    Site Studio v7.0 is compatible with Drupal 10

    To view the release details, please click the appropriate panel below. If you are looking to upgrade to the latest version of Site Studio, visit the upgrading Site Studio page.

    Site Studio semantic versioning 

    See below an explanation on how Site Studio releases are versioned.

    Major releases such as upgrading from 6.0.0 to 7.0.0 will likely contain breaking changes and will require some manual intervention.

    Minor releases such as 6.1.0 contain new features and bug fixes. It is recommended that you upgrade existing sites on a local or dev version of your website first. We do not recommend using this version on your production website without thorough testing.  

    Patch releases for example 6.1.1 will only contain bug fixes.


    Latest Site Studio release 7.1.1

    Site Studio release 7.1.0

    Latest Site Studio release 7.0.5

    Site Studio release 7.0.4

    Site Studio release 7.0.3

    Site Studio release 7.0.2

    Site Studio release 7.0.1

    Site Studio release 7.0.0

    Site Studio release 6.9.5

    Site Studio release 6.9.4

    Site Studio release 6.9.3

    Site Studio release 6.9.2

    Site Studio release 6.9.1

    Site Studio release 6.9.0

    Site Studio release 6.8.2

    Site Studio release 6.8.1

    Site Studio release 6.8.0

    Site Studio release 6.7.0

    Site Studio release 6.6.1

    Site Studio release 6.6.0

    Site Studio release 6.5.1

    Site Studio release 6.5.0

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.4.3

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.4.2

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.4.1

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.4.0

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.3.5

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.3.4

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.3.3

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.3.2

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.3.1

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.3.0

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.2.1

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.2.0

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.1.4

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.1.3

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.1.2

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.1.1

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.1.0

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.0.3

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.0.2

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.0.1

    Acquia Cohesion release 6.0.0

    Previous releases

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