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    What you can build using Site Studio

    Site Studio accelerates Drupal 9 website development and enhances the website editing experience. Its visual user interface allows you to build the majority of the theme layer (front-end) of a Drupal website. The overview below summarizes what you can build using Site Studio.

    For the content author

    Content layout

    Page content layout

    Provide content editors with a powerful content layout and editing experience to create rich content and user experiences. Define the level of power and flexibility you provide editors based on their skill and the control you want to provide them.

    For more information, see Using the layout canvas for editing content

    For the site builder

    Master templates

    Master templates

    Create the outermost template that houses your Content template. They're commonly used for the website's header, footer and navigation systems. You have the option to create multiple Master templates if you want different areas of your website to have different outermost structure.

    For more information, see Master templates

    Menu templates

    Menu templates

    Create menus templates for Drupal menus. From simple list menus to multi-level interactive menus. Place menu templates within your Master templates to apply them globally across your website.

    For more information, see Menu templates

    Content templates

    Content templates

    Create templates for any content entity bundle. From content types to user templates, you can create templates and connect them to content fields. Content templates are displayed within the content region in your Master template or theme.

    For more information, see Full content templates and Templates for other view modes



    Create drag and drop Components for creating rich content layouts. They can be added and combined on pages to create layouts where the content requirements don’t fit within a fixed template structure.

    For more information, see Components


    CSS styles

    Create CSS styles using a visual style editor. Apply styles to both content and layout within your templates, components and page layouts.

    For more information, see Creating styles with the style builder

    View templates

    View templates

    Create templates for Drupal views. Acquia Cohesion provides a new format called a View template which allows you to layout the structure of your View page or View block. This includes the layout of exposed filters and pagination.

    For more information, see View templates

    Style guides

    Style guides

    Create easy to use interfaces for theme-specific overrides for your website's styles. Style guides allow Drupal multi-site websites to have a different style per site.

    For more information, see Style guide manager

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