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    Additional information for developers about the visual page builder

    Classes added to body when the visual page builder is active

    When the visual page builder is active, the following classes are added to the <body> tag. You may want to use these classes to affect your website when the page builder is active.

    • coh-page-builder-enabled - Class added when the page builder is enabled.
    • coh-sidebar-browser-open - Class added when the sidebar browser is open.
    • coh-sidebar-editor-open - Class added when the side bar editor is open.

    Visual page builder user interface z-index

    The visual page builder overlays a user interface on your website. The z-index of the visual page builder user interface is set to 502. This is one increment more than the z-index used by the Drupal admin user interface. If you position elements on your page with a higher z-index than 502, they will appear on top of the visual page builder.

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