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    Configure sync module

    Configuring your sync directory

    This is the default location of your Site Studio full export package files. 

    In settings.php you will need to add a setting $settings['site_studio_sync']

    For example $settings['site_studio_sync'] = '../config/sync/sitestudio';

    Package export directory handling

    When exporting packages via Drush CLI, ensure that the target directory is dedicated to store package files and nothing else.

    When you export a package via Drush CLI, all files in the target directory will be deleted before package export.
    Due to this, we recommend choosing a directory structure for your packages that will not result in export commands deleting files you would like to keep.

    Legacy settings


    When exporting configuration through sync:export, json can be configured to be output as non serialised values. This increases the readability of packages when doing using version control as json values will be displayed on multiple lines.

    To enable this functionality add $settings['site_studio_package_multiline'] = TRUE to your settings.php.

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