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    Font properties

    Font properties allow you to apply styles to text on your website including selecting fonts added to your Font libraries.

    Adding font properties to a style

    To add font properties to a style:

    1. Navigate to the Style builder. This is available when you edit Base styles or Custom styles. For more, see Using the style builder
    2. Within the Style editor area, click on the Properties button
    3. Then select Font > (Select a Font sub-group) in the menu

    The Font properties include the following sub-groups of fields:

    Font and color

    • Font family - Set the font family
    • Font weight - Set the font weight
    • Font color - Set the font color from the color palette

    For details of each property, see Font and color properties.

    Font size and alignment

    • Font size - Set the size of the font
    • Line height - Set the distance between lines of text
    • Text align - Set the text to align left, center or right
    • Letter spacing - Set the distance between each letter
    • Word spacing - Set the distance between each word
    • Text indent - Set an indent to the left of the text (or right if text direction is right to left)

    For details of each property, see Font size and alignment properties.

    Font style and wrapping

    • Font style - Set the font to Normal or Italic
    • Text transform - Set the font to Capitalise, Uppercase or Lowercase
    • Text decoration - Set the font to Underline, Overline or Line-through
    • Word wrap - Set words to drop to the next line or break over two lines
    • Text direction - Set the text direction from Left to right or Right to left for RTL languages

    For details of each property, see Font style and wrapping properties.

    Text shadow

    • Horizontal - Set the horizontal position of a drop shadow
    • Vertical - Set the vertical position of a drop shadow
    • Blur radius - Set the size of blur
    • Color - Set the color of the shadow

    For details of each property, see Text shadow properties.

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