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    View variable element

    Use the view variable element to add a variable that's available in your view. The variables themselves are configured within the Drupal views user interface.

    Locating the view variable

    To find the View variable element:

    1. Navigate to Site Studio > Templates > View templates
    2. Create or Edit a View template
    3. Click the + button on the Layout canvas
    4. Within the Elements tab, look for the View variable element.

    It includes these configuration settings:

    View variable 

    • Variable - Select the view variable to display
      • Header - display the header configured within the Drupal view
      • Footer - display the footer configured within the Drupal view
      • Rows - display the view rows
      • Empty - display the no results behavior configured within the Drupal view
      • Pager - display the views pager configure within the Drupal view
      • Exposed - display all exposed elements within the Drupal view
      • Feed icons - display the feed icons
      • More - display a more link configured within the Drupal view
      • Title -  display the Title set within the Drupal view
      • Attachment before - display the configured Drupal view attachment before
      • Attachment after - display the configured Drupal view attachment after


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