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    Site Studio JSON:API


    In version 7.4.0 we introduced updated integration with JSON:API by creating sitestudio_jsonapi submodule. The sitestudio_jsonapi module has dependency on jsonapi_extras contrib module and provides "Site Studio Layout Canvas Field Enhancer" plugin. This field enhancer plugin is applied to the "Cohesion Layout" entity (reference target of "Layout Canvas" fields) on the "json_values" field. This allows reading "Layout canvas" field resources associated with nodes via JSON:API and returned JSON contains improved "Layout Canvas" output.

    Intended use

    The intended use case for this submodule is to provide the ability to read values set on Layout Canvas at Drupal Node level and expose this data to different channels using JSON:API. This allows for content built in Drupal with Site Studio Layout Canvas to be used as a source of structured content. The output contains data stored in "Layout Canvas" as a complex structured JSON object following format described in schema documentation and the consuming application or api needs to be able to identify and render or otherwise use the resulting JSON:API output.


    Site Studio via JSON:API support is limited to Layout Canvas form field values placed on a Node entity. Styling, configuration, templating or any other "presentation layer" part of Site Studio is not covered by this integration. Only structured data respecting nesting and ordering on Node Layout Canvas is converted to JSON:API output.

    At the time of release, field repeater nesting is not supported. Only top level field repeater and form fields it contains will be part of JSON:API output.

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