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    Global settings and config options

    In Site Studio there are a number of global settings and configuration options that can be set or overridden within your websites settings.php file. 

    Global settings options

    Show the JSON fields for debugging:

    $settings['dx8_json_fields'] = TRUE;    

    Allow the API URL field on the account settings page to be editable:

    $settings['dx8_editable_api_url'] = TRUE;

    Expose a version number field on the account settings page (for development):

    $settings['dx8_editable_version_number'] = TRUE;

    Don't show the API key field on the account settings page:

    $settings['dx8_no_api_keys'] = TRUE;

    Don't show the Google API key page:

    $settings['dx8_no_google_keys'] = TRUE;

    Set the temporary stream wrapper that Site Studio should use:

    $settings['coh_temporary_stream_wrapper'] = 'mytemp://';

    Set the sync directory that Site studio should use:

    $settings['site_studio_sync'] = '../config/sync';

    Set the max number of entities to import via sync in the batch process:

    $settings['sync_max_entity'] = 10;

    Set the max number of entities to rebuild at one time in the rebuild batch process:

    $settings['rebuild_max_entity'] = 10;

    Set sync packages JSON to not be serialised and output on multiple lines:

    $settings['site_studio_package_multiline'] = TRUE

    Global config options

    Set Site Studio API key:

    $config['cohesion.settings']['api_key'] = 'api-key';

    Set Site Studio organization key:

    $config['cohesion.settings']['organization_key'] = 'org-key';

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