Acquia Cohesion renames to Site Studio from version 6.2. Tell me more.

    Version 6.1.2 release details

    Last updated: 1st June 2020
    Released: 1st June 2020

    When upgrading your website to the latest version of Acquia Cohesion, database updates will be applied and therefore you can't roll back to the previous version of Acquia Cohesion once upgraded.

    It is recommended applying updates on your development environment and backing up your website including your database before upgrading Acquia Cohesion.

    Known issues

    There are no known issues with version 6.1.2 of Acquia Cohesion.

    Bug fixes

    Bugfix: Twig error when rendering a component with a link field

    What is is it?

    Fixed a bug where using a value that would return a string (usually a token) the pathRenderer twig function would return an error.

    What impact will there be?

    The error message should no longer appear and you will be able to use any value in a component link field.

    Are there any risks I should be aware of?


    What actions do I need to take?


    Steps before upgrading

    As with any version of Acquia Cohesion, we recommend that you backup your websites database and code before upgrading the version of Acquia Cohesion. There are no other specific steps to carry out before upgrading to this version.


    It is recommended that you backup and upgrade your website on a development environment before applying to a production website. You can upgrade your version of Acquia Cohesion by following our upgrade guide.

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