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    Using style guide tokens

    For each field added to a Style guide, a token is generated. You can use these tokens within your Site Studio styles and templates in-place of static values.

    To insert style guide tokens in your styles or templates:

    1. Navigate to a style or template
    2. Click the plus icon button to toggle into variable mode

    3. Click the search icon button to open the token browser

    4. Find the Style guide token. This will be in the Style guide section of the token browser
    5. Click into the field where you want to insert the token
    6. Click on the token link within the token browser to insert it into your field

    7. Click the plus icon button to toggle out or variable mode
    8. The token should be displayed below the normal field. The value of the token will be used instead of any value inserted into the static field

    9. Save your style or template.
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