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    Interactive elements

    Interactive elements are used for adding interactive devices to your layout.

    Locating the interactive elements

    To find the Media elements:

    1. Navigate to a component or a template with the Layout canvas
    2. Click the + button on the Layout canvas
    3. Within the Elements tab, look for the Elements listed under Interactive elements.

    Interactive elements include the following:


    Use the Button element to add a button to your layout. For more information, see Button element.

    Slider container

    Use the Slider container element to configure the behavior of your slider. For more information, see Slider container.


    Use a Slider item to create a slide within your slider. The Slider item acts as a container for your slide content, which you can populate using Layout and content elements. For more information, see Slide element.

    Accordion tabs container

    Use the Accordion tabs container element to add Accordions or tabs to your layouts. For more information, see Accordion tabs container.

    Accordion tabs item

    The Accordion tabs item element allows you to add content to your Accordion tabs container. For more information, see Accordion tabs item.

    Google map

    The Google map element allows you to add a Google map with one or multiple map markers (pins) to your layout. For more information, see Google map element.

    Google map marker

    The Google map marker element allows you to add location pins to your Google map element. They can also display an info window when clicked. For more information, see Google map marker element.

    Read more element

    Use the Read more element to show/hide content on the click on a button. For more information, see Read more element.

    Modal element

    Use the Modal element to display content in an accessible popup dialog. For more information, see Modal element.

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