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    Using Site Studio with Site Factory

    Site Factory provides a multisite platform for digital technology organizations to efficiently deliver and govern many digital experience websites at global scale. Ready and flexible, Site Factory creates a platform to support standard processes for building, provisioning and maintaining many websites and provides the digital platform team the visibility, trust, and control for operating global websites as a service with a centralized, cloud management console.

    Site Studio ACSF

    Due to the distributed file system employed by Site Factory and the nature of Site Studio's templating architecture its recommended you utilise the Database Template Storage feature introduced in v6.3.5.

    This configuration can be applied on a per site basis by simply installing the Site Studio ACSF module available on

    Install via composer:

    $ composer require drupal/sitestudio_acsf

    Once enabled you will need to run a full Site Studio rebuild to migrate all templates to the database:


    $ drush cohesion:rebuild



    Note: Once enabled, Database utilisation will increase especially during rebuild and sync operations, be aware that using this module will also increase the size of your database.

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