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    Strings and counters content properties

    Set the Content property to a String or a Counter.

    The content property can only be used on a :before or :after pseudo element. Add these to your style using the Style tree.


    Set the content property to use a string, counter or none.

    Options and expected values:

    • String - Sets the content property to use a simple string. Expected value - a word
    • Custom string - Set a more complex string which requires some syntax. Expected value - a string contained within "Quotes"
    • Counter - Set the name of a counter. Expected value - A word (Important: The Counter value should be the same as the Counter increment value)
    • None - Sets the content property to None. This removes any content that may be inherited.

    The None option can be used to remove content that has been added using the Image content or the Icon content.

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