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    AMP compatibility

    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), is a stripped down form of HTML designed to be lightweight and serve mobile content much faster than regular pages. Search engines favour AMP pages when searching on a mobile device, as these pages load quicker than the full site.


    • Install the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module and AMP theme module.
      See the AMP installation and setup guide for more information.
    • Cohesion master templates, content templates, view templates and menu templates will not be used on AMP pages.
      The AMP theme will provide a header, footer and content area.
    • There are special formatters for text, image and iframe content type fields.
      This is so AMP-compatible versions are rendered on AMP pages. These can be activated in field display settings for the AMP display mode.
    • Cohesion base styles and custom styles will not be used on AMP pages.
      All CSS must be inline or defined in your AMP theme stylesheet. See Customising your AMP sub-theme for more information.

    How do I make my Cohesion layout canvas compatible with AMP?

    • Remove unsupported elements from components.
      Custom javascript isn't supported by AMP, so some Cohesion elements need to be removed from your component layout canvas. Unsupported elements include:

      • Youtube video background
      • Slider container
      • Slide
      • Accordion tabs container
      • Accordion tabs item
      • Google map
      • Google map marker
      • Picture
    • Link your AMP theme stylesheet to component elements by adding CSS classes to them.
      If any CSS you've defined in your AMP stylesheet depends on CSS classes, make sure you add these classes to your component elements using the Markup tab of element settings. See Customising your AMP sub-theme for more information.

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