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    Using the style builder

    The Style builder provides a visual interface for creating CSS styles. It's accessed by creating or editing a Base style or Custom style. 

    The Style builder has a number of features. Each of these have been described in the following sections:

    1. Style preview - Use this to see what your style looks like while you're creating it. See Using the style preview
    2. Base style selector - Use this to set the base style selector to target. See Creating base styles
    3. Selector menu - Use this to add CSS selectors to your style. See Using CSS selectors
    4. Properties menu - Use this to add CSS properties to your style. See Applying CSS properties
    5. Style helpers - Use these as 'quick starts' when creating styles. See Using and creating style helpers
    6. Tidy styles - Use this to remove empty fields from the style builder  
    7. Open token browser - Use this to open the Drupal token browser and insert tokens. See Using the token browser
    8. Toggle variable mode - Use this to toggle the style editor into variable mode to insert tokens
    9. Breakpoint menu - Use this to add CSS properties to specific breakpoints. See Applying CSS properties


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