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    Font style and wrapping properties

    Set the Font style, Text transform, Text decoration, Word wrap and Text direction of text.

    Font style

    Set the font style to be applied to text.

    Options and behavior:

    • Normal - Sets the font to normal
    • Italic - Sets the font to italic

    If the specified style is not available, both italic and oblique faces are simulated by artificially sloping the font (use font-synthesis to control this behavior).

    Find more information at

    Text transform

    Set how text should be capitalized.

    Options and behavior:

    • None - Set the text transform to none
    • Capitalize - Set the first letter of each word to a capital letter
    • Uppercase - Set all letters to capital letters
    • Lowercase - Set all letters to lowercase letters

    Find more information at

    Text decoration

    Set the appearance of decorative lines on text.

    Options and behavior:

    • None - Set the text decoration to none
    • Underline - Set an underline on the text
    • Overline - Set an overline on the text
    • Line through - Set a line through the text

    Find more information at

    Word wrap

    Set how words should break onto the next line when there is not enough space on the current line.

    Options and behavior:

    • Normal - Set words not to break
    • Break word - Set words to break if they do not fit on the current line

    Find more information at https://developer.mozilla.orUS/docs/Web/CSS/word-break

    Text direction

    Set the direction of the text and other elements.

    Options and behavior:

    • Left to right (ltr) - Text and other elements go from left to right
    • Right to left (rtl) - Text and other elements go from right to left

    Find more information about text direction at

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