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    Field repeater form element

    Use the Field repeater form element to provide users of the form with a way to repeat a field or multiple fields. For more information, see Adding repeatable fields to a component

    Locating the field repeater form element

    To find the Input form element:

    1. Navigate to a component
    2. Click the + button on the Component form builder
    3. Within the Fields tab, look for the Field repeater form element.

    The Field repeater includes the following fields:

    Field name

    • Field label - Provide a name for the form element. Important: It will also be used to auto-generate the field machine name. Auto generation only occurs until you have clicked Apply.
    • Machine name - Set the machine name of the field. Used as a token when linking an element to the field. Must be unique within the component. Important: If you need to change the machine name later, click the Edit icon on the field's right.

    Field settings

    • Minimum repeatable fields - Set the minimum number of 'repeats'. For example, you may want a slider component that includes a minimum of 3 slides.
    • Maximum repeatable fields - Set the maximum number of 'repeats'. For example, you may want to limit the number images that can be added to a gallery component.
    • Increment - Set the 'repeats' to be added in increments that are different to 1. For example, you may want the number of slides added to a slider component to be added in sets of two because your slider relies on a even number of slides.
    • Add button title - Set the label on the button that's used to add another set of fields. 
    • Sortable - Set whether the sets of fields within the repeater can be sorted using drag and drop.



    • Tooltip text - Enter tooltip text here.
    • Tooltip placement - Define the position of the tooltip on hover of the field.
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