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    Help text form element

    Use the Help text form element to add help text to your Component form. For more information, see Create an editable component.

    The Help text form element simply adds a block of text where you place it within your form. You can use it below fields to help editors know how to use a field.

    Locating the help text form element

    To find the Help text form element:

    1. Navigate to a component
    2. Click the + button on the Component form builder
    3. Within the Fields tab, look for the Help text form element.


    The Help text form element includes the following fields:

    Title field

    • Provide a name for the form element. This does not show on the form.

    Field settings

    • Type - Select the visual style of the help text.
      • Help - Subtle style for standard help text
      • Warning - Bold style for warnings
    • Show close - Adds a Close button to the help text. This allows users to remove the help text when they understand it.

    Help text

    • Help text - Enter your help text to display on your Component form. Help text formatting supports all CommonMark markdown syntax. Common formatting options are displayed below the field.
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