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    Package import using drush

    The Site Studio Sync sub module provides an import command that allows package imports from specified or default location. Both individual and full packages are supported:

    $ drush sync:import

    This command has the following options:

    • --overwrite-all - Overwrite existing entities when differences detected
    • --keep-all - Keep any existing entities when differences detected
    • --path[=PATH] - Specify path to a directory containing package files. If this option is omitted, command defaults to value set in $settings['site_studio_sync'].
    • --force - Force importing entities even if this will break content (eg. skip validation warnings)


    To import all previously exported *.package.yml_ files from your sync directory into the current site, use the following drush command:

    $ drush sync:import --overwrite-all



    To deploy a specific *.package.yml file via drush, you can specify a local or remote file path like this:

    $ drush sync:import --path=/path/to/local.package.yml --overwrite-all
    $ drush sync:import --path= --overwrite-all


    For further examples on how to utilise these commands when importing packages into an Acquia cloud environment see: Importing packages on Acquia Cloud 

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