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    Understanding view modes

    For each content entity type there are multiple View modes. A View mode is a specific view of the content. For example, you can view an Article in Full or as a Teaser. The Full view mode is typically used when the content is displayed on its own page. The Teaser view mode is a short format that is typically used in lists of multiple content items. 

    Drupal provides a number of different View modes and you can create additional ones if you require. View modes are created and managed under Structure > Display modes > View modes.

    Types of view mode

    There are two types of View mode, each with specific options:

    Full content view mode 

    Used to display the content in full on its own page.

    • You can only have one Full view mode per type of content. For example, there's only one Full article view mode.
    • You can have multiple templates for the Full view mode.

    All other types

    Used to display a different (non full) view of the content.

    • You can have as many other types of View mode as you like.
    • You can only have one template for each "non full" View mode
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