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    Creating master templates

    To create a master template:

    1. Navigate to Site Studio > Templates > Master templates
    2. A Master template is provided by default
    3. Click on the Create button

    4. Edit the name of your Master template If you want to give it a more descriptive name.

    5. Click on the +button on the Layout canvas
    6. Within the Sidebar browser locate the Region element and drag it onto the Layout canvas

    7. Double click on the Region element to edit its settings
    8. Within the Theme drop-down field, select Site Studio minimal theme
    9. In the Region drop-down, select the Content region
    10. Click Apply

    11. This will add the Drupal content region to your Master template. This is required on your Master template as your Content templates and content render within the Content region. For more information see Adding Drupal regions to your master template
    12. Layout the rest of your master template using the other elements provided by the Layout builder. For more information see Using the layout builder.

    Your master template must include the Region element, configured to render the Drupal content region.

    When making changes to your master template you may also need to clear your Drupal cache to see your changes.

    Using your master template

    You use your Master template by selecting it when you create your Site Studio Content templates or View templates. You do not apply your Master template directly from within the Master template user interface.

    To apply your Master template:

    1. Navigate to a Templates > Content templates > Content > Create or edit a Full content template
    2. Within the Details area, click on the Master template drop-down and select your Master template
    3. Click Save and continue
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