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    Package export overview

    Package export types

    There are three ways you can export your Site Studio packages. These are full package export, Individual package export and individual entity export.

    Full export package

    A complete export of all Site Studio configuration entities and their file dependencies. This package export type is useful for deploying a complete Site Studio setup from one website or environment to another.

    Using the Full export settings it is possible to configure what entity types are included in a full export package.

    The full export package is available for export via the UI and as a Drush CLI command.

    Individual package 

    A manually created package entity using the UI provided by Site Studio sync submodule. This type of package export is useful for bundling individual features or subsets of Site Studio configuration based on the business requirements of a destination website. 

    Individual packages are available for exports via the UI and as a Drush CLI command.

    Individual entity exports

    Any Site Studio configuration entity is exportable individually with its dependencies as a package. This export method is useful for making minor updates to individual entities, adding small pieces of new functionality and sharing partially built entities between collaborators in a team. 

    Exports of individual entity packages are only available via the UI in the respective entity lists.

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