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    Creating and editing sliders using the visual page builder

    Sliders are a special case where the drag and drop behavior has been modified. This is because sliders contain content that isn't visible on the page until the user interacts with the slider.

    Adding slides to a slider

    If you have a 'Slider container component' and a 'Slide component' you have to use the Add before and Add after feature to add more than one slide component. This is because there is no way to drag the slides around within the slider because this would interfere with the sliders own interactive behavior.

    To add slides to a slider:

    1. Drag the first slide into the slider container drop zone.

    2. Then, to add another slide, click on the ellipsis button on the first slide and either click Duplicate to duplicate the first slide, or click Add after to add another slide component.

    3. If you clicked on 'Add after', then click the plus button on the slide component in the side bar browser.

    Reordering slides within a slider

    You cannot drag slides around within a slider container because this would interfere with the sliders own interactive behavior. To reorder slides within a slider container:

    1. Click on the ellipsis button on the slide you want to reorder.
    2. Then click Move up or Move down to move the position of the slide in relation to the other slides.

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