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    UIKit video background component

    The Video background component is for adding a container with a video background.

    Key information about this component: 

    Layout canvas elements

    • Container - The outer container is required to add optionally add a margin below the component.
    • Video background - Provides a video as a container. This has position:relative and z-index:-1 applied to it. This is required to ensure content placed within the component drop zone displays on top of the video.
    • Container-wrapper - Allows for padding to be applied around the content.

    Component form fields

    • Video URL - This requires a URL of a supported video file. For best results, an .mp4. 
    • Image - A fallback image should be provided for when the video cannot be loaded.
    • Padding - Allows the content author to apply padding around the components placed within the drop zone.
    • Add space below - Allows the content author to add a margin below the container to separate it from components that might be placed below it.


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