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    Drupal config vs Site Studio packages

    You must use the Site Studio packages to manage your Site Studio configuration instead of the Drupal core configuration management system.

    Site Studio leverages Drupal configuration entities for all templates, components and styles that are created using the low-code interface. As such the package export and import process utilises the Drupal core configuration management workflow at it's core, however, it is important to note that the two are not interchangeable and Site Studio's packaging system should be used due to the additional functionality it provides as highlighted below.

    When using Site Studio package management alongside Drupal core configuration management the Config Ignore and Config Split modules should also be configured.

    Import and export feature comparison:

    Drupal config Site Studio packages
    Exports configuration entities Exports configuration entities
    Imports configuration entities Export file entity dependencies and metadata
    Ignores missing file entity dependencies Imports configuration entities
    Performs Drupal validation Imports file entity dependencies
      Performs Drupal validation
      Performs Site Studio validation
      Performs Site Studio data integrity checks (optional in v6.8+)
      Handles Site Studio entity rebuilds

    If Site Studio packages are not used for managing Site Studio configuration, alternative means of synchronising file entities and triggering rebuilds will need to be implemented in order for your Templates, Layouts and Styles to work as expected. Such alternative solutions may result in poor performance and unexpected behaviour.

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