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    Custom component definition file

    Each custom component definition file must have the following properties:

    Each custom component definition file can also have the following, optional, properties:

    Example structure 1:

    name: Custom component JS with template
    category: cpt_cat_hero_components
      js-template.js: {}[email protected]/slick/slick.min.js: { type: external, minified: true, attributes: { defer: true, async: true } }
      js-template.css: {}
    form: form.json
    html: html-template.html
    preview_image: preview.png

    Example structure 2:

    name: Twig custom component
    category: cpt_cat_example
    template: template.html.twig
        type: node
          - article
          - layout_page
    form: form.json
      twig-component.css: {}
    preview_image: preview.png


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