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    Adding a menu to your master template

    You can add menus to your Master template using the Menu element. The Menu element allows you to select a Drupal menu and select a Menu template. For more information on creating Menus and Menu templates see Creating menus and menu templates.

    Add a menu to your master template

    To add a menu:

    1. Navigate to Site Studio > Templates > Master templates
    2. Click Edit next to your Master template
    3. Click on the +button on the Layout canvas
    4. Within the Sidebar browser, locate the Menu element within Drupal core elements
    5. Drag the Menu element onto your Layout canvas.

    Select the menu and menu template to use

    1. Double click on the Menu element to edit its settings
    2. Click on the Menu drop-down field select your menu. For more information, see Creating menus
    3. If you only want the menu to display the active trail, toggle on Only render active trail. 
    4. If you want the menu to start at a specific level of your Drupal menu, enter a number in the Start at level x in active trail. Leave blank (or 1) for level 1, enter 2 for level 2 etc
    5. Click on the Template drop-down field and select your Menu template. For more information, see Creating menu templates
    6. Click Apply and then Save and continue.

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