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    CSS variables

    Site Studio provides access to various CSS variables from the Website settings, which can be utilized in the development of Custom Elements, Custom Components or the creation of a custom theme in Drupal.

    See below a table of available CSS variables: 


    CSS variable


    Base unit settings


    Base font size


    px value


    Color palette




    hex / rgb(a) color


    Default font settings


    Default font family


    Font stack

    Default color


    hex / rgb(a) color


    Font libraries


    *Font stacks


    Font stack


    Responsive grid settings


    *Width / Minimum width


    px / rem value

    **Boxed width


    px / rem value

    **Inner gutters


    px / rem value

    **Outer gutters


    px / rem value

    * The UID can be located on the relevant Website settings page, situated in the box adjacent to $coh-color or $coh-font, as applicable.
    **CSS variable is designed to be responsive and will adapt accordingly when the media query conditions are met.

    For more information on using CSS variables 

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