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    Site Studio Sections UIKit

    The Sections UIKit has been designed and built to accelerate the creation of Drupal websites using Site Studio. It provides easy to use page section components that can be branded, modified and extended using Site Studio's low code tools.

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    Includes 40 drag and drop page sections and card components.

    The UIKit includes over 40 page section components and card components for common website layouts.

    Components included

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    A flexible system for almost infinite layouts

    The Sections UIKit provides a library of common website sections and cards that can be combined to create rich content pages.

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    Smart components keep your content looking right

    The UIKit helps you create content that looks right. Using smart components, content creators will need to make fewer decisions to keep content on brand and accessible.

    Ready for dark, light and colored sites

    The UIKit includes styling for dark, light and color sites. Adjust the palette to your brand colors and use the inbuilt content color themes to contrast with your site color.

    Responsive across desktop, tablet and phone

    All components will automatically respond to desktop, tablet and phone-sized screens. For more specific requirements, the layout components allow you to control how they behave at each device size.

    Typography that works

    Spend less time working out type sizes for paragraphs, block quotes, lists and headings across different screen widths. The UIKit includes a complete set of styles for typographic elements. 

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