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    Components included in the UIKit

    The UIKit includes a library of components that can be combined in almost infinite combinations to create the content and layout your site needs. In addition to the components shown below, the UIKit includes a library of 'Helpers,' which combine the components into common website patterns. See the Helpers included.

    Header and footer components

    The UIKit includes a flexible header component with a configurable menu system and optional utilities bar. It also includes a footer component. 




    Layout components

    Layout components provide the structure of your pages. Each component includes configuration options, some examples of which are shown below.

    1 column layout component

    Configuration examples

    2 column layout component

    Configuration examples

    3 column layout component

    Configuration examples

    4 column layout component

    Custom layouts with Row and Column component

    Divider line component

    Modal component


    Basic components

    Heading component

    Text component

    Image component

    Video component

    Audio component

    Buttons component


    Card components

    Feature card

    Content card

    Horizontal content card

    Impact card

    Price card

    Profile card

    Block quote card

    Testimonial card

    Logo card

    Stat card

    Social links card


    Slider components


    Accordion components


    Tab components

    Horizontal tabs

    Vertical tabs


    Read more components


    Map components


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