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    Import the Primitives UIKit into your site

    Before you import the UIKit

    1. The Primitives UIKit requires Site Studio 6.8.1 and later. If you are using an earlier version, please upgrade to the latest version first.
    2. Make sure your site uses the Site Studio Minimal theme (or a Site Studio enabled theme) before updating.
    3. Download the Primitives UIKit

    Import the UIKit

    To import the UIKit:

    1. Navigate to Site Studio > Sync packages > Import packages
    2. Click Choose file and locate the pack_uikit_with_helpers.tar.gz or pack_uikit_without_helpers.tar.gz file you downloaded.
    3. Click the Upload button.
    4. The package will be imported. This may take several minutes.

    5. After the package has been imported, you'll see a screen like the one below. If you're importing the UIKit into a new website, you can ignore the entities that have changed.
    6. Click the Import all button to import the Site Studio package entities.

    7. The UIKit includes a content type called 'Layout page'. You can test the UIKit by creating a new Layout page node and adding components and helpers. For more information, see Guide for content creators.


    • My website is still showing the Bartik theme.
      You should set the site to use Site Studio minimal.
    • When I add components to my page and view the page, the components aren't showing.
      The component templates may not have generated. Make sure your site is using the Site Studio minimal theme (or another Site Studio enabled theme). Then run a Site Studio rebuild. Navigate to Site Studio > Developer tools > Rebuild.
    • The page title is showing above my components.
      The 'Title block' is placed at the top of the content region. Disable the Title block on the Layout page content type.


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