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    Entity clone module

    This module was last tested on the 2nd December 2022, on Drupal 9.4 with Site Studio 6.9.3 using version 8.x-1.0-beta7 of the module.

    Currently there are some issues when using Entity clone with Site Studio.

    Compatibility notes

    When cloning an entity that has a layout canvas, parent entities will share the same layout canvas entity and will override each other. To resolve this please follow the steps in the usage section.


    The Site Studio layout canvas field is an entity reference to a 'Layout canvas' entity and should always be a one to one relationship between itself and the parent entity. Therefore you need to set the 'Layout canvas' entity to be cloned automatically when cloning an entity that has a layout canvas field attached. 

    Configure Entity Clone settings

    1. Navigating to Configuration > Content authoring > Entity clone settings
    2. Check the options 'Checkboxes default value' and 'Hide checkboxes' for the Layout Canvas entity.
    3. Apply one of the following patches which resolves an issue when cloning an entity with a Site Studio layout canvas:
      1. 1.0-beta7
      2. 2.0.0-alpha1

    If you don't set these settings and apply the patch, parent entities will share the same Layout canvas entity and will override each other. You can find out more about this issue from the Entity Clone module issue queue

    Link to module

    The module can be found on here.

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