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    UIKit 1 - 4 column layout components

    The 1-4 column layout components have been designed to offer a flexible system for dividing content into columns. They offer many settings to allow the columns' layout and the position of the content placed within them to be configured. For a guide to using these components, see Creating layouts with layout components.

    Key information about this component:

    Layout canvas elements

    • Full width container element - This is required when using the layout component as a full width page section with a background color or background image.
    • Boxed width inner container - This is required to contain the content within a page section to the width of the responsive grid.
    • Row for columns element - This is required for the columns and also used to set the minimum height of the layout.
    • Column elements - These provide the columns and have been set to display:flex and flex-direction:column. These CSS properties should not be changed as they allow content placed within the columns to fill the column height.
    • Drop zone - The drop zone for content to be placed within.

    Do not change the display:flex and flex-direction:column CSS properties on the column elements.

    Component form fields

    • Width of content area - Sets a maximum width to the content area. Boxed width restrains the content to a maximum set width. Full width allows the content to expand to fill the width available.
    • Column alignment - If the columns' combined width is set to less than full width, they can be aligned horizontally to the left, center or right, or distributed evenly.
    • Space between columns - Set the columns to have a space (gutter) between them or no space between them.
    • Padding top and bottom - Set a space above and/or below the content within the layout. This setting is needed when the layout is used at the top level as a section. It should be set to None if nesting this layout within another layout.
    • Section height - Set the minimum height of the layout. Choose between Fit to content, % height or pixel height.
    • Column width - Set the width of each column.
    • Column display order - Set the order in which the columns are displayed. This is useful for changing the order of the columns by device width. For example, if column 1 contains text and column two contains an image, you may want the image to display before the text when the columns stack on a phone device.
    • Vertically align content - If the content is smaller than the height of the column it's within, you can set its vertical position to Top, Middle, or Bottom. Note: The column's content must have its height set to Fit to content and not Fill space available for vertical alignment to take effect.
    • Offset column - Move the column left or right on Desktop and Tablet width devices. On phone devices, all offsets are removed as the content will be stacked vertically.
    • Background color - Optionally set the background color of the row.
    • Background image - Optionally set a background image for the row.
    • Alternative image for phone - Toggle on to upload an alternative image to show on phones.
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