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The Acquia UK Government Accelerator

The Acquia UK Government Accelerator consists of the following:

  • An ACE subscription for hosting your application
  • A Site Studio licence to enable lowcode site building AND an intuitive page building and content editing experience
  • An OOTB design kit pre-configured to be GDS compliant to accelerate site builds. We call this the Public Sector Design Kit (PSDK)
  • Training, support and updates

This user guide is only for the PSDK. Please refer to Acquia’s separate documentation if you want help on configuring or using your Acquia Cloud Enterprise hosting subscription or Site Studio.

What's included in the Public Sector Design Kit

The PSDK has been designed and built to accelerate the creation of Drupal websites using Site Studio and based on the Government Design System. It provides a ready to use set of components that can be branded, modified and extended using Site Studio's low code tools.

The PSDK includes:

  • 13 Extended Design System Components, ready to go out of the box
  • 16 Layout Helpers, these are prebuilt sections based on some of the most common design patterns seen across sites  
  • Implementation guidance for all 27 components featured in the government design system

A detailed list of all components, helpers and code snippets, as well as detailed functional specification for each can be found here.

Extend and customise

While we have included all the components in the GDS and even provided some additional commonly used design patterns for popular use cases, we know that each project is unique and in many cases will need some custom components to suit your specific use case. With Site Studio this is easy to do using our lowcode site building tools which allows non developers to build new components without writing any code.

For more information watch our Site Studio demo.

Using the Public Sector Design Kit

This guide is for site builders, designers and developers who are already familiar with Site Studio and now want to use the Public Sector Design Kit. If you are not familiar with Site Studio you should watch those tutorials first.

Introducing the Acquia UK Government Accelerator

Getting to know your Acquia UK Government Accelerator

Using the Functional Design Specification

Using the Government Design System Core Components

Using the Extended Design System Components

Configuring the Extended Design System Components

Keeping your website accessible


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