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UIKit helpers for common layouts

The UIKit includes a library of ‘Helpers,’ which combine the components into common layouts. The Helpers get you building quickly and demonstrate how to combine components to form layouts.

Hero sections

Basic hero

Shallow hero

Hero with image right of text

Hero with image below text

Text sections

Heading section center aligned

Heading section left aligned

Text section

Text panel over image section

Accordion text section

Multi-column text section

Text with expandable read more

Text and image

Text and image slider

Text and features

Text and content cards

Text and content card slider

Text and price cards

Text and profile cards

Text and stats

Text and map

Text and accordion


Card sections

Content card section

Logo card section

Price card section

Feature card grid

Irregular feature card grid

Impact card section

Irregular impact card grid


Tabbed content sections

Horizontal tabs section

Vertical tabs section

Slider sections

Content card slider

Profile card slider

Testimonial slider


Call to action section

Image grid section

Full bleed image grid section


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Frequently asked questions

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Raise a support ticket

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