Acquia Cohesion renames to Site Studio from version 6.2. Tell me more.

Acquia Cohesion renames to Site Studio

We have renamed several Acquia products to make it easier for you to understand what they do. Acquia Cohesion is one of the products we've renamed. It's now called Site Studio. We hope you like it!

What does this mean for the product?

From version 6.2.0 you will see that the menu bar now says Site Studio rather than Acquia Cohesion. You will also notice that most of the user interface refers to Site Studio. Mchine names of entities types and modules will keep the "cohesion" prefix. Existing applications upgrading to 6.2.0 may also see that the labels for the text format and the image styles provided by the modules still refer to "Cohesion".

What does this mean for installation and upgrading?

The existing public repositories for both the module and the base theme will remain as:

Installation and upgrading with Composer will remain unaffected. 

What does this mean for the documentation?

We are working hard to update all the text, images and video across the documentation. This process will take some time. In the meantime, many pages, screenshots and videos will still refer to Acquia Cohesion. Swap this name for Site Studio if you're using 6.2.0 onwards.

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